Beauty in the Midst of Chaos: Weddings During COVID-19

Our U-Haul was filled to the brim with flowers as we slowly drove down the dirt back roads that led to Amber’s parents’ country house. It was the middle of June and hot as ever, but their property was gorgeous! There were multiple white barns, horse stables, trees lining the property, a pond and a classic, country house on top of a small hill. This isn’t the wedding venue Amber had imagined, but we could definitely make it work.

Amber’s wedding was originally scheduled for May in a large lodge, surrounded by all of her friends and family. However, things sometimes change… COVID-19 had other plans in store for this couple. The large lodge was substituted for her parents’ property and May turned into June. Amber, only 20 and trying to navigate a wedding in a pandemic, leaned on her trusted wedding coordinator, me! We only had 20 days to turn this wedding into a fairytale and I was determined to make it a day she would happily remember. 

COVID-19 has made wedding planning difficult for many brides. There have been so many new regulations put in place to keep everyone safe, but for the soon-to-be newlyweds, that meant compromising their original vision of their big day.

So, my assistant and I walked the grounds with Amber. She showed us potential spots for the ceremony and we really had a lot to work with! This property was stunning. I think it was then when we really knew, this day wasn’t going to be a compromise. Yes, it would look different, but nothing would be sacrificed. It was still going to be a stunning wedding!

The guest list was smaller, but the most important people attended. All of her closest friends were in her bridal party and Michael had his best man by his side. Family came in full support and showered them with endless love. The ceremony took place outside under massive trees providing shade from the hot, summer sun and her arbor was covered in lush flowers. Amber and her bridal party had makeup artists come to the house and all of the girls looked stunning! It took longer to get ready because the artists had to be cautious of spreading any germs, but that just meant more time for the girls to celebrate together! The caterers were especially helpful and made the COVID-19 restrictions manageable. There was still dancing and conversations that continued into the late night. They were conversations that you wouldn’t typically get at a big wedding, but with this intimate setting, everyone was able to gather around and share stories together. This was not the day Amber originally envisioned, but that did not stop her from having the perfect wedding day. 

For any of the brides attempting to still have their wedding during this horrible pandemic, just know it can still be special. Yes, there will be changes. You might not be in your original venue, but that is just the perfect opportunity to have a gorgeous outdoor wedding. Your guest list might be smaller, but that is a chance to tell that one guest you didn’t actually want to invite, that they can’t come! (Everyone has that one guest). There are so many ways to make this a positive experience and Amber is the perfect example of that. 

Photography by Mulberry & Sage Photography

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